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Aerial Yoga Blazing in Asheville NC!

In the midst of all the recent natural disaster chaos we lost power for several days at my house. Normally that wouldn't be such an issue, but we have three kids under 7, Valentina only being 4-weeks old. After braving the worst of Hurricane Irma, Sarasota was left without power. We had no idea how bad the damage was or how long it would take to restore power. Let me tell you, you definitley need moving air for a nursing baby and mom in the sweltering heat of Florida in September. After being without power for over 48 hours, I decided we would head north to Asheville where I had an overdue aerial yoga installation to finalize and even more important, I knew there was power there⚡️It's amazing what lengths you'll go to find comfort for you and your family, so off we went! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👶🐶🐶So we all got into my Altima - Mom, Dad and Leo (cockapoo #1) in the front, with Iliana, Lucas Valentina (3 car seats!) and George (cockapoo #2) in the back. What more could come out of the car when we stop? Images of packed clown cars circled my mind, my life was no doubt in full out circus chaos. After driving for what seemed like days, this crazy crew found its stride and made its way through the beautiful Smokey Mountains and forests of North Carolina. After 600 miles on the road we made it to our destination where we were greeted by the most kind and generous host I've had the pleasure of meeting. 

🦋🙏What a beautiful studio and amazingly thoughtful yogi who owns 👉 Blaze Dance studio , Camille Maybin. She traveled to our Sarasota based aerial yoga studio ( CircuSoul Yoga) twice for aerial yoga training, however I was on tour with the circus both times so this was my first time meeting Camille in person. We got to spend a little time together during my brief stay in Asheville, and I can honestly say that she is an intelligent and attention detailed person, that yoga has touched her deeply, and that what she has to offer in yoga is far more than what you can learn about in a book. I'm so excited and proud for Camille to serve up Aerial Yoga, CircuSoul Yoga style, with her own flair and vivacious personality!

🤗Do you love Asheville and want to train with us? Join us January 25-28 at Blaze Dance studio for level 1 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training!

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