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September Aerial Yoga Trainings

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Level 1

DATE: September 15-18, 2017. 8:30am-5:30pm

Level 1 Topics | Flying Yoga A series, Fundamentals of Aerial Yoga, Safety, Rigging, Inversions, Spotting, Verbalization & Cueing, Anatomy & Physiology, Tricks & Flips Fundamentals of aerial yoga practice, demonstration and instruction. Topics including - Flying Yoga A, series, contra-indications, anatomy and physiology, inversion science, manual assists, yoga therapy, aerial yin yoga, aerial strengthening, safety, rigging, spotting, teaching methodology, teaching practice, karma yoga, yoga philosophy & ethics, BIG yoga.


September 2017: $600

January 2018: Tuition $500 (Register by 11/12/17), $600 After

April 2018: Tuition $500 (Register by 2/23/17), $600 After

Cara Levitt will be the lead trainer this course. No refunds will be made for this training.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training | Level 2

DATE: September 22-24, 2017

Level 2 Topics | Flying Yoga B series, Yin/Yang, Aerial Vinyasa Sequence, OM My Legs Series, Planks, Shoulder A&P, Progressive Muscle Relaxation Practice, Yoga Therapy for aerial yoga instructors, Spotting Class, Tricks & Flips Level 2 The flying yoga teacher training program is designed for the serious student of aerial yoga who desires to share the gift of flight with the world. Students will develop their self practice in the aerial hammock while preparing the skills necessary to teach public aerial classes. We will build a foundation in the traditional philosophies of yoga, so that we can layer anatomy and alignment with diverse styles of asana and playful sequencing to create an eclectic fusion of the flying with the meditative.

Kerry Tice will be the lead trainer this course. No refunds will be made for this training.

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