Maillon Rapide® Oval Quick Links are built to an exacting standard, hand tested for alignment and ease of operation. 
The first choice of climbers, parasports and aerosports enthusiasts and aerialists who depend on quality gear for safety.

Original oval shape developed on the principle of a chain link fitted with manual nut opening. 
This shape reflects the spirit of Maillon Rapide quick links connector.

Quick Link

    • Keep to the working load limit WLL engraved in kg.
    • Visual check of complete nut screwing compulsory; no thread must be showing
    • Maillon Rapide quick links are only to be loaded along the major axis
    • Maillon Rapide quick links should be carefully checked
    • Material- Zinc Plated Steel:
    • Rod: custom-made steel used in surface processing, providing complete strength towards traction
    • Nut: high safety steel (lead-free, systematic control carried out after drawing through Eddy currents and ultrasounds)
    • Surface processing made through electrolytic coating on the entire material (rod & nut)