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What are the differences between each of your aerial yoga hammock kits?

Basic Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit: DOES NOT INCLUDE Adjustment straps or online access to our aerial yoga video library. Basic Yoga Hammocks are 5.25 yards of nylon tricot 40-denier fabric

Premier Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit: INCLUDES 1 set of adjustment straps & online access to our aerial yoga video library. Premier Yoga Hammocks are 5.25 yards of nylon tricot 40-denier fabric. 

Deluxe Yoga Hammock Kit: INCLUDES 1 set of adjustment straps & online access to our aerial yoga video library. Deluxe Yoga Hammocks are 10.5 yards of nylon tricot 40-denier fabric.

Why should I buy a deluxe yoga hammock vs your other models?

The Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock was designed with double the fabric to create a set of foot-loops/handles that allows the user more dynamic range of motion.

Why should I buy from your store vs other aerial yoga hammock retailers?

Our hammocks are made with love and in house at our Sarasota, Florida studio. All of our materials are American made and each hammock is individually inspected prior to shipping. We pride ourselves on our customer service and over 20 years of aerial experience. 


Our prices are highly competitive and we offer wholesale discounts to those interested in bulk purchases. All of the purchases made in our store help fund our business and hold jobs for our employees. 

What fabric are the aerial yoga hammocks made of?

Our aerial yoga hammocks are made from 100% Nylon Tricot, 40-Denier Fabric manufactured in the United States of America.

Tricot is a type of fabric created by machine using a warp-knit pattern. This means that the fibers that make up the fabric run the length of the fabric, rather than the width, in a zigzag pattern. Specifically, nylon tricot is a tricot fabric made from the synthetic fiber nylon.

Denier relates to the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn from which the nylon tricot fabric is woven.

40 represents a low to no stretch and is the ideal weight for experienced aerialists and makes for perfect yoga hammocks, and other aerial apparatuses. 

How wide are you aerial yoga hammocks?

All three of our aerial yoga hammocks have a width of 110" inches (9ft+) which can comfortably accomodate a full cocoon (from head to toe) for people measuring 6ft+!

How tall do my ceilings have to be to install the aerial yoga hammock?

Our hammocks are designed to fit into standard ceilings of 8 to 10 feet. 


Hammocks can be slightly adjusted for ceiling heights no lower than 7 feet.


If celings are lower than 7 feet hammock can still be used but inversions will not be possible. 

How do I install my aerial yoga hammock?

This question has many answers and it all depends on where you would like your aerial yoga hammock to hang from. 

Each scenario varies and the hardware required will also vary per installation. 

We also highly reccomend the assistance of a licensed contractor or professional handyman to handle the installation.

Each hammock comes with a sheet of guidelines for proper installation, which is not to be confused with step by step detailed instructions. 

The Flying Hammock and CircuSoul Yoga are not responsible.

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