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"Aerial Silks AKA - Chiffon, Fabrics, Aerial Tissu". We offer over 20 vibrant colors to choose from. We use 100% nylon tricot, 40-denier, which is the preferred fabric for professional aeralists, and has a low to no stretch. 

Fuchsia, Purple, & Turquoise orders will be shipped within 2 to 3 business days.

All other colors please allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery, this includes bulk, & international orders too.




What is the difference between your two aerial silk kits?

Standard Aerial Silks Kit: DOES NOT INCLUDE a swivel. You can customize your length and purchase additional yards at $11.75/yd.

Spinning Aerial Silks Kit: INCLUDES a swivel, the price difference pays for this additional piece of hardware.

How stretchy is your aerial fabric?

All of our fabric is 100% Nylon Tricot, 40-Denier, meaning it has low to no stretch. Nylon Tricot 40-denier is the ideal fabric for professional aerialists.

How long should my aerial silks be?

The length of your aerial silks will vary depending on where you want plan to hang it from. Our standard aerial silks kit features 10 yards and is suffcient enough for ceiling heights of 12 feet or less. We reccomend a ceiling height of 9 feet or higher for optimal practice space. 

Can I buy the fabric without the hardware?

Yes, you can purchase just fabric. Please visit our Aerial Fabrics section of our website for additional information. 

Can I buy just the hardware and not the fabric?

Yes, you can purchase just the hardware and not the fabric. Please visit the hardware section of our website for more information.

Do you sell wholesale silk kits?

As this is a custom order, please fill out the custom order form and we will get back to you with a quote within 24-hours or less.

How do I install my aerial silks?

The answer to this question varies and will depend on your hanging scenario. We reccomend the assitance of a licensed general contractor or knowledgable handyman that can assist you with rigging your points. 

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