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Aerial Yoga Hammock About Us

Owner Kerry Tice started The Flying Hammock in late 2012 with just a single piece of nylon tricot fabric. After suffering from a lower back injury, Kerry sought out ways to help relieve some of his pain and turned his attention to inversion therapy. After using various models of aerial yoga hammocks and combining his 20 years of aerial and circus arts experience, he sought out to create a more versatile hammock that would allo the Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock. 


What makes the Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock different from the rest is that it has additional fabric on each side of the hammock bed to create a set of foot-loops or handles that can be used for a wider range of motion, and can be used as a prop in many styles of yoga.


The practice of Aerial Yoga is special as it provides a way for many different body types, sizes, and ages (from tot to senior) to exercice in a fun yet challenging way. Aerial Yoga is extremely versatile and it isn't all about cool flips and tricks, as it can be a serious therapeutic practice that can gently realgin your body.


The Aerial Yoga Hammock can also be used for a number of other uses such as therapy for children with sensory disorders, a handy tool for massage therapists and occupational therapists, so and so on, the possibilities are endless.  


The Flying Hammock has proudly sold thousands of hammocks worldwide to individuals furthering their personal aerial yoga practice, as well as studios looking to expand their services into the aerial yoga market. 


Have questions? The best way to get a hold of us is by filling out this form below. We promise a response within 24 hours or less!

Aerial Yoga Hammock Kerry Tice

The Flying Hammock is blessed to call Sarasota, Florida home and shares its doors with CircuSoul Yoga where a rainbow of aerial yoga hammocks awaits you.


If you're in the area stop by and take a class and purchase a hammock, we often have many colors in stock and can take care of your order in a day!

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